Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pauline Schindler

I found a great quote from Pauline Schindler, husband of architect Rudolph Schlinder, about her lifestyle vision:

The building is the embodiment of Pauline’s ideal life style. In a letter addressed to her mother, she wrote:”One of my dreams, Mother, is to have, some day, a little joy of bungalow, on the edge of mountains and near a crowded city, which shall be open just as some people’s hearts are open, to friends of all classes and types. I should like it to be as democratic a meeting-place as Hull-House, where millionaires and laborers, professors and illiterates, the splendid and the ignoble, meet constantly together.”

The house she built, a two-family communal style home, is in West Hollywood.

The Hull-House also turned out to be a very interesting concept in housing and advocacy in Chicago. The wikipedia page is here, in particular check out the "Accomplishments" section.